This woman has a huge problem with pictures of her kids being posted online. And one person in particular won't respect her wishes...a family member.

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Other People's Problems March 11th, 2014

Mike & Kate-

I am hoping to get some OPP advice about social media and children. My kids are 8, 6 and 3. Of course they don't have a Facebook account. My husband and I have a page though. We share it. It's more of a family page. We don't spend a lot of time on our page but do agree it's a great way to stay in touch with family and close friends. We are very selective about who we friend on our page because we do post photos of our children. I am very nervous about having too many images of my children online. These days you just never know who is looking at them. My problem is my mother-in-law. Ever since she got on Facebook page a year ago she posts every picture of my children. She posts what they are doing at school. She posts where they are going on the weekend. I have tried to explain to her how unsafe this is. I don't want that much information about my children on Facebook. She sees my kids 3-4 times a week and every time she is taking pictures and posting them. She gets very offended when I try and talk to her about this. She claims I am trying to take away her "joys of being a grandparent and showing off her grand kids to the world." My husband has also talked to her and she just won't listen. She claims that she knows every single person who she is friends with on Facebook so what is the harm. Trying to explain network of Facebook to a 72 year old woman would be like explaining to Kate's mom how to use a smartphone. She doesn't understand that it's not just her friends who can see stuff if one of her friends likes a picture of my children. Basically I don't think anyone but the parent should be posting photos of children on Facebook. Not grandparents, no other family members or friends unless they have permission from the parent. How should we handle this situation? I just want her to understand the dangers of too much info online. She says we are taking away her rights as a grandparent. Does anyone else have this problem with family and Facebook?

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