Mike & Kate

"This Friday Will Be My Last Day With Mix 106"
Monday Kate let us all in on decision she has been dealing with for the last few months. If you didn't get to hear it..watch it now.
Come and say goodbye in person to Kate this Thursday Night at 6pm at Grind Modern Burgers in Downtown Boise ...
Why I'm Leaving
Friday will be my last day at Mix 106. Before I get into why I made this monumental decision in my life, let me clear up a few things.
A Kasper Family Tradition
Many years ago, my wife started a tradition of getting Christmas ornaments hand made and painted with all 9 members of our family represented.  I originally thought it was kinda dorky, but now I have to admit, it's pretty cool, .Take a look at some of the ornaments from the past few years.
Festivus For The Rest Of Us is Growing in the US
Get ready, it's a Festivus for the rest of us! A nativity scene and a Christmas tree have been joined with a Festivus pole at the Florida State Capitol over the past few years.  The pole is a 6 foot tall pole made of empty Pabst Blue Ribbon beer cans.
An Amsterdam Good Time!
This Halloween was nothing short of spectacular and the costumes even more so. To celebrate Halloween the right way, Mike and Kate crashed the Amsterdam Lounge this Halloween and gave out over $1000 dollars in prizes! The atmosphere was electric and everyone had an amazing night...
MIX at Pooch Party Stroll and Splash!
Today MIX106 was at the 8th annual Pooch Party Stroll and Splash at Lakeview Park in Nampa. Kate McGwire hosted several competitions including best doggy costume, best tricks, and even a look-alike contest! Vendors, dogs, and proud owners gathered for an awesome day of raffles, a 1-mile walk, and sw…
Don't take Selfies with Dangerous Wild Animals
You might remember the woman last week who tried to take a selfie with a Buffalo?  It ended poorly, so I’d like to take this opportunity to remind everyone, everywhere:  Do not take selfies with dangerous wild animals of any kind, especially rattlesnakes.
Bad Dad or Not?
A man recently made an amazing catch of a foul ball at a Chicago Cubs game.  But he has been taking some heat because some people are said that he is a bad dad for what he did.

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