I Like The Smell of My Boyfriend's Morning Breath
I know this is so weird, but as I kissed my "Secret Boyfriend" goodbye this morning I thought, "he has the best morning breath ever!" Who has good morning breath? He does. It got me thinking about all the other weird smells I like, but am usually too afraid to admit. Here's …
Changes Coming to Boise River Float Season
Hands down my favorite thing about Boise is the river. I love floating every summer, but this summers float season may look a little different, thanks to COVID-19. Here's what you can expect.
Are You Getting Out And About Yet?
Or are you waiting it out? I feel like things are pretty chaotic right now; the weird divide between the maskers and non-maskers, the many questions people have about the virus, I've decided to wait it out a bit longer.
What’s Your Dumb Broken Bone Story?
Think of how many incredible stage performances Halsey has done and she broke her ankle loading the dishwasher... I've thought of making up a better story for how I broke my back because what actually happened is VERY lame.

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