Carly's Insane Pregnancy Cravings
Maren Morris is pregnancy with her first child, a baby boy, that is due in March. She's been talking about her pregnancy cravings, saying she craves a lot of the things she did before, just in larger quantities. My pregnancy cravings were not that normal.
This is Your Chance to Become an Astronaut
This might be the most interesting side hustle ever. With NASA is opening up astronaut applications to the general public, you could go from a desk job in Boise to outer space in a matter of months. But there is one catch.
Fun Date Night Idea In Boise!
I'm down for dinner and a movie any day of the week. In fact, I bought the Regal Cinemas $18/month unlimited movie deal and it's totally worth it! But sometimes, you want to try something a little different... When you're ready to spice things up a bit, especially if you're into …
How Much Do You Spend on Food Every Month?
How much does your family spend on food every month? It's an area of my budget that I have a really hard time sticking too. After looking at these stats, maybe my budget is leaner than it should be.

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