Wearing Gloves Won't Protect You From COVID-19
A lot of people are wearing masks and gloves these days as they go about their business in an attempt to protect themselves from the Coronavirus, but Central District Health says wearing gloves gives people a false sense of security. Here's what you need to know.
Disneyland Will Likely Be A Little Different Next Time
"New Normal" is a phrase I'm hearing quite a bit. Inevitably, the world is going to change after all this. Some great things will come of it, I'm sure, some not so great. Some staples in our lives will certainly change, even your Disneyland experience.
Are You Skipping Easter This Year?
Easter Sunday is this weekend, April 12th, but it a lot of our traditional celebrating is going by the wayside with the COVID-19 pandemic. Are you celebrating Easter this year?
Dealing with Quarantine When You're Divorced
One aspect that a lot of people may not have thought about is how the stay-at-home order is affecting families of divorce. It's certainly affected my "modern-family" and it made me think how many other families are struggling passing kids back and forth.

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