Kate McGwire

Kate McGwire Has a New Job
Since Kate McGwire retired from radio and Mix 106 last month, I get inquiries every day, asking where Kate has ended up.  Well, it's official, Kate does have a new job.
Open Letter From Mike to Kate
Staring Monday for the first time in 15 years I will not be looking across the broadcast board at the face of Kate McGwire. It's easy to take things and people for granted, and knowing that I had a partner that I could trust and count on every single morning was something that I did take for gr…
Why I Admire Kate McGwire
How many times in your life have you had an inkling that you should do something, and failed to act on it?  Yeah.  This is why I have so much love and respect for Kate McGwire.
Little League Cheaters-OPP
Parents are allegedly cheating to ensure their kids plays Little League. This listener wants to turn them in but there are some extenuating circumstances.
Why I’m Leaving
Friday will be my last day at Mix 106. Before I get into why I made this monumental decision in my life, let me clear up a few things.
Dating Her Stepdad - OPP
A woman has developed feelings for a man who was once her step father. She wants to pursue a relationship with this man but is worried how her mom will take the news.
Honeymooning Alone - OPP
On Other People's Problems, a couple is getting married next month and they can't agree on the honeymoon. She wants it to be the two of them and he wants to bring additional people.

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