One of our MIX 106 listeners reached our needing advice. Read her story below and then chime in on our Facebook page or during tomorrow's MIX Morning Show!

In her words:

I've been dating a guy for the last year who has a 19-year-old daughter that's is addicted to drugs. She's been in rehab a few times, stolen money from other family members and been arrested a few times. Here's the problem:

My boyfriend is tired of it and has given up on his daughter.  He says: "she's ruined my life! For the past five years she's lied, stolen and broke my heart, I'm done! I'm not letting her ruin my life any more. She's a loser."

I don't have any kids of my own and he is 10 years older than I am, so I admit, I have a little trouble relating to this but come on. How do you give up on your own daughter?

This seems to be a big red flag to me for our relationship. He's given up and has no sympathy for his own flesh and blood.  What happens when or if the going gets tough for our relationship? Will he kick me to the curb too and just give up without a fight?

What do I do? I don't have any friends who've been in this situation, so I can't ask anybody, maybe your listeners have been in my situation..or my boyfriends or maybe even the daughter. Please share your insight with me.

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