This has been a river that I have seen a lot of since moving to the Treasure Valley and I have wanted to fish as well as whitewater raft it.

This weekend I was able to head on the Payette river, the North Fork and float as well as fish. The fly fishing was not good but the flows have gone up and the river itself is not known for a lot of fish. The fishing is technical, but thanks to Captain Robert Monroe with Taylor Outfitting in McCall I was able to learn a bit about this stretch of water and the fish that inhabit it.


We floated about 4 or 5 miles of the river near McCall and it was so pretty but a big reminder of the difference in temps compared to the Treasure Valley. It was 45 degrees for the high while Boise was in the 70's. Still a lot of snow and even got a bit of it falling today in town.

I am looking forward to dialing in some of the fishing in this area and hitting the Payette River again soon.

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