Every week, MIX 106 releases one of your letters as our OPP (other people's problems) for the week. This week, a woman reached out concerning the way her sister is raising her two children. Here's what she wrote in to say:

I'm upset with my sister for the way she is parenting her kids. She makes her daughters, ages 8 and 6, get on a scale almost every day. She says weighing them is good because it will help to ensure that they don't gain weight and get fat.

She says it makes them more aware of their weight and what they eat and are putting into their bodies, so they are able to better maintain a healthy weight.

The kids are hardly ever allowed to eat anything fun like cookies and sweets, except when they come over to my house…then I spoil them and tell them it’s a secret and to not tell their mom.

I don’t have any of my own kids yet, but I think my sister is too strict and rigid with their diet and is not allowing them to be kids. Plus, I really think she is doing major damage to my two nieces and their well being, but I don’t really know what to do about it.

She totally disagrees with me and says she is teaching them proper nutrition and healthy habits.

Any advice? Is there something I can say or do to help out my two nieces or should I just butt out?

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