Cleveland Man Involved in Easter Shooting Found Dead
Steve Stephens is the Cleveland man wanted for killing a 74-year-old man and uploading the video to Facebook Easter Sunday. He was found dead inside a car in Erie, Pennsylvania.
Stephens said he had killed 13-15 people and he wasn't stopping until he heard from his ex...
Nicole Texts Her Mom with a Prank She Saw on Facebook
You've probably seen those silly Facebook posts floating around that tell you to "post the third photo from your camera roll in the comments" or "match your birth month and day with the words and post your new nickname".
Well, the latest one I came across yesterday said "text…
Mike & Nicole's OPP: Social Media Fail
Dear Mike and Nicole,
My sister and I are extremely close. We are only 14 months apart, so we have been like twins most of our lives. We've shared clothes, secrets, and for a brief moment in time in college, we dated the same guy (at different times)...
You Wont Be Able To Look Away
Technology is booming. Who would have ever thought that we could FaceTime from our bathrooms, or see what's going on on the other side of the world from a click of a button. Well maybe it was all predicted in the three amazing movies of Back To The Future...but still. I have found a new feature on F…
Acceptable Reasons To Unfollow Someone On Social Media
I think we've all done it. Unfriended or stopped following a person or page on social media because they...well...just bug you for whatever reason.
I do a social media friends purge at least 2-3 times a year. It feels good and sometimes you just have to get the negative people out of your feed..…
Facebook Fights : Episode 4 #SelfieSisters
Each week, we act out REAL Facebook fights. We put our own personal spin on the conversations and what we think they would sound if they were said out loud.
Enjoy, Episode 4!
Want to have your Facebook Messages, Posts, or Comments acted out...

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