Kate University Self Defense at Forward Movement Training was a huge success! Watch and see some of the many techniques I learned to protect myself.

When I teamed up with Forward Movement Training to host a women's self defense class, I thought I would learn how to knock out an attacker with one punch. After last night's class, that statement makes me laugh. That is an unrealistic expectation and based on my size and strength, there is no way I could knock out an attacker. But I can defend myself. I learned small techniques that give me the chance to get an attacker's hands off me and get me in a better position to protect myself and get away. It was such an empowering class!

Another thing I learned is that self defense is all about muscle memory. These techniques need to be practiced over and over again so my reaction is just second nature. Good news for that because Forward Movement Training offers a Wednesday night self defense class for $40/month. Even if you didn't take last night's Kate U class, you can join in on these other classes at any time. Men, women and children can sign up for these classes.

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