Parents are allegedly cheating to ensure their kids plays Little League. This listener wants to turn them in but there are some extenuating circumstances.

baseball bench warmers
Heather Wahl

Mike & Kate-- I am wondering if I need to speak up about something I found out about my brother and sister in law. Their lying about their son's age so he can play little league baseball. He's actually a year older than the league he is allowed to play in. They recently slipped up and talked about how they lied about his age to get him on the team. He is better than all the other kids and is the star pitcher. They're reasoning is that by doing this, he will get more playing time and become a stronger player who will then be a stand out high school player increasing his chances of getting a college scholarship. They've even told my nephew that he has to lie about his age. I think this is a horrible lesson to be teaching your child. There are other kids who are sitting on the bench that are missing playing time so my nephew can start. I told my brother and his wife that I think it's horrible what they're doing and they blew it off saying any parent would do this to help their son. They claim there is not enough good teams in the valley for stand out players to excel so they need to manipulate the system to make sure he gets noticed.
My question is, do I turn them into the league? My own kids aren't affected by this directly but someone's is. I'm worried if I turn them in, they will know it was me since I was so out spoken about how tacky this is. And I don't want to humiliate my nephew or ruin any chance he has to play little league (in the proper age group). Should I just shut my mouth or get involved?


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