Could 2020 get any more weird when your family calls to tell you they've seen UFO's? My first reaction is, "did you get it on your phone? photos? video?"

I sent a friend my photo and she said, "are you sure it wasn't a satellite?" It wasn't a water balloon either! Considering the family doesn't really believe in UFO's I was quite impressed by the photo. It freaked everyone out.

My brother-in-law took a few photos of an unidentified flying object and watched it for a few hours. He immediately called family and everyone watched. What was it? It crazy when you hear about them from people you don't know but it's different when it comes from reputable sources.

Photo by: Matt C
Photo by: Matt C

These photos were taken a few hours outside of Boise about an hour and some beyond Twin Falls. I personally think we have UFO's all over the country whether it's us or someone else. It's legit!

Did you ever see the most recent videos from the military? Did you know that the government is going to release official details surrounding these UFO's captured on screen the military in flight? New details will be released by the Pentagon Task Force shortly.

I'm just saying


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