I'm putting out a statewide alert. The millennials are coming! The millennials are coming! It's funny that I wasn't going to talk about this but it's somewhat trending online.

SmartAsset is reporting that Idaho is in the top 10 of the places that rich millennials are moving to purchase their home. Plus, it looks like they come but don't leave.

Why is this a bad thing? I guess it depends but you can look from two different standpoints. It's great to continue bringing in people to help drive our economy. This also takes away from purchasing a home and jobs. I bought my first home in Boise and it was an eye-opener as people from out of state dropped cash to bid ahead of me. It's good but there's that.

Courtesy: SmartAsset
Courtesy: SmartAsset

I just spoke to Stephanie who is a listener on Mix 106 that has lived her 6 months. She moved to Boise because she saw a photo online of the Capitol and that it was beautiful with mountains in the back. Just like that she's here. Welcome, Stephanie.

The report says that millennials move but typically leave. That's not the case for Idaho and these 35-year-olds are bringing home $100,000. Everyone loves living here and that means we've got competition on all fronts. Want more on this? Click below.

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