This is somewhat refreshing to hear the Boise Goathead Fest will take place this year. They call this the COVID EDITION. Just when you thought normal wasn't possible Goatheads are back in your life!

First, have you ever heard of a goathead? I think there is one in my front tired as I noticed it completely flat this morning. You might also bring them in the house tucked away in the cracks of your shoes. There is nothing more special than stepping on one of those beautiful creatures barefoot in the house. Magical!

There is a Goathead Fest this year and it's happening across the Treasure Valley on Saturday, August 1, 2020.

This year's festival will be socially distanced, and that works great on bikes. Our mission is the same; a pedal-powered, wonderfully weird people parade that celebrates the bicycle community, 'but this year we've created a choose-your-own-adventure where people an ride or stop at places if they feel comfortable.

That comes from Boise Bicycle Project Director of Operations Emily Summerhays.

We love our cyclists in Idaho and can't wait to hit the streets each Summer. The Goathead Fest is from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. and begins at one of many Goathead Patch Parties that will be happening.

  • Meriwether Cider - 5242 Chinden Blvd
  • Lost Grove Brewing - 1026 S La Pointe St.
  • The Switchback - 3000 S Old Hickory Way

The one thing you'll learn moving into Boise is we look for a reason to get out and celebrate anything. The Goathead Fest will be no different. The temperatures however will max at 106 degrees and that's dangerous. Be careful.

Get more below from the Boise Weekly who did a great article on Saturday's event.

That is from 2018 so don't pay attention to exact event times but KTVB does a great job explaining what a Goathead is. So much fun until they end up in your shoes or tires!

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