Can we all agree 2020 has become a punchline for jokes and memes? I agree it's been less than inspiring but we have to find a way to cope. That said, we all need an outlet to take our minds off this crap. Just call me your bestie!

I called in a favor and have teamed up with some friends to give you a night away. This is a 24-hour reset for your smile. It feels like so many people are forgetting to use it and we can't even see it under a mask. That's why I'm giving you a One Night Stand with your girls. Here's how it works.

Listen to Kekeluv every day during the 5 o'clock Happy Hour. We're making it simple. Kekeluv will open the phones between 5-5:25 p.m. Be the correct caller and instantly win free gift cards from Adam & Eve just for playing. Who doesn't need a little additional love in your life!

Everyone that wins could also take home Keke's One Night Stand grand prize. Decide who your closest three friends are and you could win this.

  • 2 Rooms at Cactus Pete's
  • 4 $15 food vouchers
  • $80 Bonus gift package from Adam & Even of our choice
  • $40 Free Gas

This is a One Night Stand, 24-hour down and back from Jackpot specialty. I realize and we all understand how difficult it can be to leave. You have a job, kids, and responsibility. There's more. I know that a mom NEVER tries to win anything for herself. This Happy Hour contest is for you! It's just a 24-hour break on us.

Win with Kekeluv every day during the 5 o'clock Happy Hour.

Thanks to my friends at Adam & Eve and Cactus Petes for taking care of my listeners!

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