You must wear a mask if you plan on working out at Planet Fitness beginning August 1, 2020. This isn't just for one location. Planet Fitness plans to institute this mask rule for all locations.

Don't act surprised because this is the direction you're going to see. I've been watching and really surprised this hasn't become a statewide mandate.

The management team from Planet Fitness posted this.

We want our members to gym confidently in a safe environment, thereforer, we've enhanced our safety and cleaning policies. Beginning August 1st, masks are required to be worn while inside our clubs - including members and PF Team Members. So don't forget to mask up! But if you do forget, no worries. Just visit the front desk.

It looks like Planet Fitness is going 100% focusing on the cleanliness of the club. You can check out their Clean Thumb Club. You can't be mad though because gyms do have a ton of germs with sweat and everything else. Keeping things clean can only benefit all of us!

Planet Fitness Locations

  • Boise 1123 North Milwaukee St (208) 917-4199
  • Boise 5010 W Overland Rd (208) 426-0102
  • Nampa 2040 Caldwell Blvd (208) 408-0880


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