Raise your hands up. What do you go through during life's road trip? I consider myself battle-tested when it comes to certain professional challenges. I got that. Quarantine? COVID-19?

Where do you turn? Well, nobody needs to hold a microphone, chirp over a podcast, or stand behind a tv screen to feel the music. We thrive behind storylines that artists sing to us. I can't think of a better time than now in which we find our stories. Listen to them loud. Play them over and over.

I wanted to share with you some of the newest music from "battle-tested" artists like Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, Drake, with a twist of new from Gabby Barrett. Why these songs right? I think they speak to everyone right now because we can all relate to a piece of these songs.

Taylor Swift - Cardigan

You don't have to live in Boise, Meridian, or Caldwell to have an infatuation with Taylor Swift's new song, "Cardigan". Taylor's fans are claiming this to be her best music ever and you can tell the girl has grown. This is a mature album and Cardigan sets the tone for every piece she wrote on this album.

Taylor reflects on lost love that you lost and wants you to remember how it made you feel when it was love. She talks about how great love is embedded in your mind that never leaves. It's a place you go to remember the greatness of that moment. It's not meant to make you torture yourself over the bad but lift up on the good. Who can use a song to make them smile? There is a part of this video where Swift pulls a Cardigan sweater from a box to put it on. I can only assume it's something that reminds her of someone. Here comes the sweat part. Taylor Swift gifts that same Cardigan from the video to Kobe Bryant's daughter Natalia in memory.

  • Maroon 5 " Nobody's Love" - Just Adam Levine in a black tux, white shirt, shaved head, thick beard, and tattoos. Do you need anything else? It has several meanings including being alone in the big city. Relate.
  • Drake - "Popstar and Greece " - Just choose one. Drake just took the throne from Madonna with most top 10 hits in the history of Billboard Hot 100. Sometimes you just need 🔥 That's any Drake song.
  • Gabby Barrett featuring Charlie Puth "I Hope" - This is just hot from the American Idol star. It's very Carrie Underwood. She talks about how much in love she hopes her cheating ex is and goes into detail. Then, she drops how what feelings are REALLY going on. This is just a fun song that you can dedicate to an ex cheating d-bag!
  • JP Saxe & Julia Michaels "If the World Was Ending" - I'm confused by this one but during a pandemic world I can kind of see it. Are you really thinking about your ex as the world is ending? Do you really wish they would come over? This is a heater ladies!







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