So, you want to throw a birthday party for your little one but don't know how during a pandemic? Should you actually do one? I feel like so many people are going through this just like wearing a mask.

There was a point when people were just showing up as little parades by your house. Some friends were stopping by and waving through a mirror. That's over now. The hard part is figuring out what the right way is.

Do you feel like you're being judged by everyone no matter? That's the honest trust because how to you handle masks, what if someone doesn't want to wear one, and are you responsible if the coronavirus spreads at your party? Laugh if you want but these are really problems a lot of families are going through. Parents will do anything for their kids. Anything!

I came across an article in CNN that's pretty cool even though suggestions are to just cancel it. Be safe. Well, that's probably not going to happen. Let's find some good options in the meantime.

One of the major suggestions is to come up with social distancing contests. Do scavenger hunts to get kids outside and away from each other. Grab a ball and do kickball games. Find things that kids can enjoy but don't necessarily need to be right next to each other.

Worst case scenario, just Facetime. I know it's all inconvenient but this will pass. If you can't do that go ahead and click below. There is a great list of games and links to the projects to play. Enjoy.

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