You think it's a joke right? It's not a joke and if someone is doing some special promotion to launch seeds I'm impressed. Unfortunately, this isn't a joke.

Idahoans are among people across the country who are receiving these packages filled with seeds. Yep, seeds.

I was just reading a report from CNN that said people are receiving unsolicited packages filled with seeds. They believe based upon packaging that they've come from China. You should look for Chinese characters on the packaging. What should you do if these end up in your mail? Don't plant them!

Invasive species wreak havoc on the environment, displace or destroy native plants and insects and severely damage crops.

That comes from the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Nobody knows who or why these suspicious packages are ending up in our mail. I was also reading that some of the packaging reads it's jewelry. Don't open! Contact authorities and keep everything together so it can be inspected.

Idaho, you're not left out. Peggy Munson from Boise received one of these packages that mirror everything I just told you. Idaho News Channel 2 reported this and it's happening here too.

Are we in danger? Who knows but I would stay away from it and report asap.

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