Well, that's just not what I wanted to hear heading into the weekend. Major League Baseball, the NBA begins and we've had this Boise State game against the Florida State Seminoles circled on our calendars all year.

What do you mean there's not going to be a game? I'm currently crying right now because we're not even sure what this football season is going to look like yet. Then we get this.

The Mountain West Wire confirms the ACC is going down to a 10 game schedule and they've decided to subtract the Broncos from that list. I mean, nobody wants to play BSU on the blue. I don't care what kind of team BSU has there is a reputation that always puts the odds in our favor. We beat the Seminoles last year in Florida for a big win to begin the season. This is a big disappointment. We don't even have an indication that we'll see a makeup game.

You can thank COVID-19. I guess we can just be lucky that we're still going to have a season. MLB canceled games due to COVID-19 and that was after 14 players tested positive on the Florida Marlins. That was the first week.

We currently don't know what the season will look like for the Broncos. Will the Mountain West add another game? How will this impact the season and playoff? Let's just take it step by step as everything is still just in the beginning. However, this is a big blow to the season strength of schedule for the Broncos.

I guess we could look at the positives, college football is coming back! I've heard they will be doing social distancing at the games and this is the first year you can purchase alcohol at BSU home games. It's better to have a season versus no season right? Let's get through this pandemic world and enjoy it. Still suck though 😷

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