Have You Ever Seen A UFO?
I've always thought... Whether we're alone in this universe, or if there are aliens out there, either way is totally remarkable. The Pentagon has released official video of UFO's. Unidentified flying objects, so not necessarily proof of alien existence, but what if? Have you ever seen…
Boise Has Had Four UFO Sightings in the Past Month
Today (July 2) is World UFO Day, so it's a good time to look out the window to see if you notice any flying saucers hovering about. Boise has already had a bunch of UFO sightings this year, and at the rate we're going, we could have more today.
What is This?
This is way freaky, and if I saw it, it would definitely freak me out.  Hundreds of people reported seeing this in the sky above a city in China.
UFO of Not?
You be the judge.  Watch the video. Is this a UFO or just a naturally occurring crazy blast of light from the sun?

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