Well, here we go Bronco Nation! There wasn't going to be a season and everyone came to grips with that. That's when we saw everyone else playing their college football games. That hurt.

The NBA is close to the finals with no COVID-19 issues, Major League Baseball and the National Football league buzz is real. Just no Bronco football for Idaho, until now.

The rumors have been confirmed as we all waited to see if the Mountain West Division would have a Fall Season. The answer is yes! I got the alert late Thursday night and waited to get all details as it's final. The Mountain West that includes the Boise State Broncos will endure on an 8 game season beginning October 24, 2020. There will be a Mountain West Championship game on December 18, 2020.

I'm not sure what the schedule looks like as fans begin to make plans. The original idea before the cancellation was to social distance fans like being done in other stadiums. Do you remember the selling of alcohol during the 2020-21 season? We have so many things to map out especially how do you get passes?

Well, let's process the fact we'll have college football and we still have a pandemic. We just saw the fighting Irish of Notre Dame have a dozen players catch the Coronavirus along with others. Still a ton of details to iron including fans. Will they allow Bronco Nation to attend games? How many fans? Will there be a lottery or will this go to season ticket holders?

Also, could the Broncos play a big team that needs someone to play? Download the Mix app so we can keep you in touch with details. Once they finalize tickets it could be a frenzy.

Go Broncos!


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