Why is coffee that important to you. Why does each of your days have to begin with this sweet love in your life? It's just coffee, or is it?

If you had to get rid of one of these items who would get the boot, your man, or your coffee? Interesting because I knew you'd choose your latte over that cheater! I kid but seriously, this is why I get in trouble when I drink the last coffee or use the final drop of creamer. Well, today is your day.

It's National Coffee Day ☕️ It feels like a National type week considering I wrote about daughter and son's day already. Coffee is different because I found freebies that will immediately energize your day. Let's be honest that if you start the day missing your coffee you can become pretty grumpy right? I'm not sure if it's a mental thing but it's a factional statement for sure.

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Starbucks coffee has already started the festivities by starting on Monday for their loyal fans. This will go throughout the entire month for the rewards loyalty program and it's called, "Starland" It's an augmented game that sounds fun. USA Today reports that Starbucks will be giving away over 2.5 million prizes that include signature drinks, breakfasts, and more. That runs through October 28, 2020. Pay it forward in the app and get one loaded in for you!

Barnes and Noble: Free hot or iced tall coffee with a purchase of something in the bake case.

Jack in the Box: Free regular hot or iced coffee with any app purchase.

Krispy Kreme: Free brew coffee. Rewards members get an additional doughnut of their choice.

Panera Bread: Sign up for MyPanera+Coffee Subscription and get the first month free.

Wendy's: Free hot coffee with the purchase of breakfast.

Click through because some of these items are offered all month like Starbucks.

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