The temperature for college football is at an all-time high and the pre-season polls have just been released.

The Boise State Broncos is not being seen as a threat this year. The Broncos didn't come close to the top 25 and I'm okay with that.

Vizio Fiesta Bowl - Boise State v Arizona
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College Football Pre-Season Coaches Poll Rankings Snub BSU

The Boise State Broncos take the field in less than 30 days from today and we're ready. The critics are not quite ready to show the Broncos love yet. The pre-season polls just came out and Boise State is pretty far down on that list. Don't worry, it's to be expected this year.

BSU Becomes the Underdog Again

The Broncos have been the Cinderella team for years that everyone loves. You can't watch a college football game with throwbacks to the Fiesta Bowl miracle win against the Oklahoma Sooners. The Broncos were on a roll for years leading up to that historic win and then some. You add several Fiesta Bowl appearances and a Las Vegas Bowl favorite, BSU was on a roll.

This year we start over with an almost remodel from a new college President, Head Coach, Athletic Director, and a complete overhaul on assistant coaches. Who is the quarterback? Running back? Who is this team? No wonder we're starting from the back and that's how it should be. The hunger is back and the competition won't be easy.

Harris Highlights,
Harris Highlights,

Don't take it personally if your Idaho Vandal friends are loving all the change, that's okay. This will be fun to watch the Broncos play with no expectations. So, we didn't make the top 25. Go back to the Broncos pre-season rankings in 2006 and they were an afterthought. BSU would crack the top 25 until week five at #21. They went undefeated with a Fiesta Bowl win in historic fashion. I'm just saying, don't sweat the numbers. This could be the beginning of something special!

Las Vegas Bowl - Boise State v Oregon
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Find out the full-color scheme and schedule below. BSU plays on the road for game one against UCF and at home against Oklahoma State, This is going to be a very fun season!

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