That just crushed plans for Halloween if you're making plans or Harrison Boulevard is part of your holiday.

Idahoans living in the popular Trick-or-Treating streets of Harrison Boulevard made the decision to not hand out candy for Halloween this year. That is major news.

Thousands of people across the Treasure Valley drive into Boise to dress up and take home the good stuff for Halloween. You won't find average candy bars in those value packs at these homes. You get the full size, the largest available, and basically the gold standard of candy while walking from door to door on Halloween on Harrison Boulevard.

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This year's pandemic has crippled normalcy across the country and Halloween won't be an exception. There will be no Trick-or-Treating, but instead, they will host a scavenger hunt. The expected numbers shatter records close to 20,000 Trick-or-Treaters and you just can't be responsible with numbers like that. There is no such thing as a social distance protocol when you have numbers like that.

Each house spends close to $1000 dollars on candy and this year that money will go to a phenomenal cause, Camp Rainbow Gold. I have some great friends who donate their time to help kids with cancer and that's what Camp Rainbow Gold is about. That's the positive part of this event. No, you won't be able to trick-or-treat but you will be able to join in some fun and at the least keep up your tradition.

The fun scavenger hunt will go from Oct 23 to Oct 30. They have maps that you'll need and spacing the time helps keep everyone safe. You can get more information on Camp Rainbow Gold and the scavenger hunt below.


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