Boise...State! The Boise State Broncos were back on the blue turf on Saturday. It felt like the Broncos didn't miss a beat when it came to Saturday's debut.

BSU handled Utah State with a dominated win that put them back in familiar territory. ESPN reports that the Broncos cracked the top 25 in week 1 at #25.

There was nothing normal about Saturday's game on the only blue turf in college football. The stands were empty with minimal cardboard cutouts by fans. The recorded crowd noise was good without the typical chants, "Boise...State!" We didn't get to see the fun Elvis dress-ups or fun student section craziness. None of that was present. Just football. It was fun! I wanted one of those BSU masks that Coach Harsin was wearing.

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We got to see a great defense and some new stars on the offense. Everyone should keep an eye on WR Khalil Shakir, QB Hank Bachmeier, and RB Holani. These are just the three that stood out and that Shakir dude you might want to keep an eye on. Let's see if the Defense stands out when we play BYU.

Boise State is now ranked at #25 and could be on another historic run. Let me explain. BSU will play a limited schedule and the opponents are extremely heavy. We missed out on playing Florida State on the blue due to COVID-19 schedule changes. That brings us to the current games left. Regardless, we still have to win games. Circle Nov. 6 on your calendar because if everything works correctly this could be BSU's biggest game of the season. If the Broncos get by #11 ranked BYU this could push the Broncos high in the rankings. BSU could win all the rest of these games against Colorado State, Hawai'i, San José State, UNLV and Wyoming.

Nobody knows what this means for some type of bowl game because we're far from discussing that. All that said, if BSU wins against Air Force with no injuries and can beat BYU on the blue? Get ready! This could be a historic run the Broncos could go on. The opponents might not be the best but nothing normal counts this season. Every win counts. If anything it was just damn great to watch the boys on the blue.

Hopefully, the Broncos stay healthy. Here are the remaining games.

  • BSU @ Air Force on Oct 31 (Sat) 4 p.m.
  • BYU @ BSU on Nov 6 (Fri) 7:45 p.m.
  • Colorado State @ BSU on Nov 12 (Thurs) 6 p.m.
  • BSU @ Hawai'i on Nov 21 (Sat) 9 p.m.
  • San Jose State @ BSU on Nov 28 (Sat) TBA
  • BSU @ UNLV on Dec 4 (Fri) 4 p.m.
  • BSU @ Wyoming on Dec 12 (Sat) 4 p.m.



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