We sit just a week and some Elf on the Shelf visits away from Christmas. It's here and 2021 is almost ringing in the New Year. More importantly, 2020 is getting thrown out the door.

While most people will be out navigating through social distancing lines to get shopping finished up, the Boise State Broncos will be playing in the Mountain West Championship game from Las Vegas.

This is one of those games that years ago we would have given away trips on the radio to listeners. That's obviously not the case in 2020, but the Broncos will be playing on Saturday against the undefeated San José State Spartans. This is a big game for BSU on so many levels. It might not be a sexy bowl game with all the hype that comes from it. However, it's important to those kids and the fans. BSU is just lucky to be playing football as so many games keep getting canceled.

Boise State will be playing a ranked team as the Spartans just cracked the top 25 at #24. This team is stacked and hasn't lost a game yet. The only loss BSU has is from then #9 ranked BYU. The Broncos don't typically lose in championship games and usually handle business during bowl season (let's forget last year.)

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The Broncos travel to Las Vegas to play San Jose State on Saturday at 2:15 p.m. If BSU wins we could see a bowl game to be announced. The Las Vegas Bowl has been canceled and Nevada will be playing in the Idaho Potato Bowl. There are a few rumors but it doesn't matter unless they handle business in Vegas.

I think everyone is healthy with a question mark here and there. Nobody wants to give up that information so the competitor can prepare. Regardless, it will just be fun to see our Broncos play in the championship and great for Bronco Nation.

We'll send you an alert announcing the next moves in the case BSU wins. Nothing is promised in 2020.

Go Broncos!


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