You can call me the master of contesting ceremonies. I get a ton of crap about how much love to play games during my show. Why is this such a bad thing? Call me the prince of gaming and you should vote for me.

We just launched our $10,000 Cash Code Contest and you deserve that money. I want to make sure you're using all the bells and whistles that can assist you to get rich! Don't tell anyone I'm writing this and share it at your own risk. The more you share the better their odds get. Play smart.

This one is simple to play the odds against any and everyone. I mean who doesn't need that money? What lengths will you go to winning? I'll be watching a game for one of my teams and if the team is winning, I won't move. This is true for so many people that are superstitious. So, I'm going to arm you with a truly simple way to get that money. let's help pay your student loans, car payments, and Christmas lists.

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That's it. So, let's go deeper because anyone can do that. Download the Mix App and place it in your Kekeluv spot. This is your present that usually is populated with messages, phone, calendar, and internet. No. Move Mix in that spot so you see it every day and don't miss out.


Pay no attention to my anxiety-filled unread 7,805 messages. That must be a mistake 😂 That's not it. We are literally at your fingertips as you see you can dial, listen live, and DM right within the app. This is one app that pays off, trust me. Miss an alert? What, you were busy and missed something important from me?  I got ya.




Those are just a few 🔥 ways to get one up on anyone else. This goes for all our contests. Anything else you can do? I'm glad I asked that question for you. Add an alarm to listen to Mix 106 every hour starting at 8 a.m. I'll be on-air with you doing it every hour starting at 3 p.m. That's it and good luck. I could use that $10,000 right about now.


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