I just wrote something about my daughter on National Daughter's Day and here we are on my son's day. His birthday isn't until January but it is National Son's Day.

This is just me introducing you to my family as I'm one of the newest members on Mix 106. I've been doing radio in the Treasure Valley for over 10 years but I might be new to you. I wanted to celebrate my son and also acknowledge it comes with a big responsibility in 2020.

You think about everything going on in our country over the past few years and I feel like my responsibility is more important now than ever. We've got to teach and not just speak to our kids. I had this list of things I wanted to teach my son and it's changed. I need to sit down with him and explain the difference between right with wrong. We can't let political views dominate the direction of our kid's path in life. We need to step up.


My wife gave birth to Lennox almost 6 years ago and the country was in a different place. My career and the team I led was completely opposite to what it is today. Currently, I'm on a new radio station and don't lead anyone except myself at work.

Go back 6 years ago and II was just really nervous about adding another child to the family. How do you love someone that much and spread it around? We've added a little girl and now my world is really crazy with their different personalities.

I'm actually trying to pay closer attention to the questions that he asks. For instance, "Dad can you come sit next to while I watch this?" "Dad would you hold me?" He got upset the other day because I asked him to do something and he got frustrated. Lennox thought he would be blamed for something Leo did. I'm new at this and adding another member impacts Lennox.

We learn as we go but Lennox is steady. He bounces off the walls sometimes because he's a kid and just happy. It's not because he's acting badly. Lennox doesn't want to go to bed because he loves hanging out with us. It's the only real-time that Leo is asleep and he gets just us. I could take it as he's just acting but I'm really trying to learn myself.


I think of what Lennox has gone through and he's a hero. The number of surgeries and hospital visits Lennox has had is more than most people will have in a lifetime. I remember him thanking the RN at St. Luke's after drawing blood or as he calls it, "a poke."

I'm finishing this up tonight as everyone is in bed and I wish more time was available for me to hang with him. Lennox gets a ton of love makes no mistake about it but you just wanna be perfect. Unfortunately, perfect doesn't exist. I feel like Lennox is the teacher some of the time as he reminds us to relax. We need to lead by example and sometimes that means playing with Legos while the house is a disaster.

Lennox is the son of my dreams and I wouldn't have it any other way. I wish my father could have met Lennox. Whoa. So impressive.

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Happy Son's Day Lennox Jimmy!

You're one of the main reasons I get up with a smile every day.

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