We've been talking about the Boise State Football team and all the changes over the last few months. BSU Coach Harsin left for Auburn taking some assistants with him leaving "Bronco Nation" on the ropes of what's next.

The Broncos hired former player, Andy Avalos from Oregon to lead the squad and it keeps piling up with excitement. BSU's added a Superbowl assistant coach in Jeron Johnson and that list continues. Meanwhile, Boise State Basketball is on a historic run. Time to pay attention.

I remember when they hired Leon Rice from Gonzaga University back in 2010. There was a ton of sizzle considering there are so many Gonzaga University fans living here in Boise. I lived in Spokane, Washington for many years and that Bulldog environment is unreal. It's 2021 and just maybe all that hard work and building is beginning to pay off. The Broncos are on a run and the sports world is beginning to notice. March Madness?

There will be a tournament this year and the Broncos are expected to make a run. Could this be the best basketball team the Broncos have ever had?

The Broncos aren't just sliding by teams by a few points either. BSU is putting up killer numbers and beating opponents by 20 points or more. They beat San Jose State 106-54 a few weeks ago. The team is on a roll and if they manage to stay healthy with a win through the Mountain West Championship Tournament, they're going dancing in March.

I'm no college basketball expert by any means. I'm keeping an eye on these Broncos because something magical is happening.

Boise State plays Fresno State tonight at ExtraMile Arena at home.

March 10 will begin the Mountain West Championship Tournament


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