The Secret Sound is back and that means you have another chance at some free money. Why should someone else win cash and shopping spree? Don't it back! That's yours and I'll let you know some treats to spend it on.

We've teamed up with Albertson's to play the Secret Sound game. You hear a sound, guess it correctly, and win the jackpot. If you choose the wrong guess we add more money, make sense? The current Jackpot for 3 p.m. is $625.

There is an Albertson's platinum with your name on it and it's not just about groceries if you win. I live by the Albertsons on Lake Hazel and Five Mile. I'm working down the street from the new one on Broadway and that's a masterpiece. I went through today grabbing some photos to remind you of the different things you could get for $625. Oh, that number is going to continue growing.

Photo by: Kekeluv
Photo by: Kekeluv

The Fall Harvest just kicked off and it's here Boise. You walk into a Pumpkin Spice and Everything nice cart. Pumpkin Spice bread, pies, flowers, cookies, donuts, and the list goes on.

They have a special local section with all things Idaho and two aisles of creative items for your home. Very trendy!

Drop $369 on the best Dom Perignon Rose Vintage 2005 champagne and be a star for someone's celebration. Stop by the Basque Market section and choose from some of their local favorites.

Cosset Bath Body Bombs are some of the best in health and beauty. You can find these at all the Albertsons with a mass selection as if it was their storefront.

Note to guys: If you're shopping for wine around a date, wife, and friend. Grab some of these as a nice gesture and you will be talked about. Trust me.

Pick up some different styles of Riedel Glassware for a Pinot Noir or choose your occasion. That's by all the wine and champagne, very impressed.

That's just a taste because I've never seen a cheese section with massive blocks like that. I just want to hug it. I'm a cheese guy.

Albertsons is more than just a grocery store because you can have drinks upstairs while watching the game, cooking lessons, and take advantage of their drive up & go options. Order, drive up, and leave. That's at all locations. This is the best option during a pandemic when you have children.

Good luck!



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