We are currently 35 days and counting down until we reach potentially the most important Presidential Election in our lifetime. This could also be the most talked-about election that will consume every day after November 3, 2020.

The election is here and we're also just moments away from the debates. The first will be on Tuesday and there will be no dispute that this night will live up to the hype. Donald Trump and Joe Biden will be throwing punches. Should we though?

I come into the office to write articles, brainstorm regarding my show each day, and just conduct daily business. I sit in meetings with people that wear "Make America Great Again" hats and "TRUMP" masks during daily conversations. Is that okay? I wonder if I came in the station wearing Biden shirts would it be accepted with the same response?

I actually sat across someone at the station a few weeks ago that wanted to debate. He literally wanted to sit and go round and round with no possibility of positivity in that conversation. I told him I didn't wanna get into a full discussion and debate because it wasn't going to solve anything, plus I have work to do. He kept going.

Is this okay? Is there a place where politics doesn't belong? You can add Black Lives Matter if you want including gun rights and all the rest. Does this belong on shirts our kids wear to school and in our cubicles at work? We just saw in New Jersey that a school had to pull Black Lives Matters messages along with Make America Great Again posters for Trump.

I fear that adults lead the charge and we've somehow passed that on to our children. This fight is real and I'm concerned that we're on a very dangerous road heading into 2021. I wonder if freedom of speech has its boundaries in the workplace and school. I guess I'm not sure the laws on that freedom when it applies to belief.

What are your thoughts? Is it okay to wear your political views in the office or schools? Post up in our Facebook or message me kekeluv@gmail.com

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