You mean companies are making our foods better and they taste worse? You can't tell me you didn't already know that Idaho. Do you really think Diet Coke tastes better than regular Coke? Keep telling yourself that.

General Mills just admitted what we've all known. Cereal doesn't taste as it did years ago and that's because they sucked the goodness out of it! Well, they've just taken out some of the not so perfect flavors out of their most popular cereals. Well, it all changes today and you might notice a change on grocery shelves.

Starting now, the popular cereal company is asking Millennials to go shopping and look for the new versions of cereal. Or, is it the old versions of the new cereal? It's the retro version is what their calling it stacked with artificial greatness! They want to bring back 80's formulas to aisles and excite you about cereal again. Well, mainly their cereals.

  • Trix
  • Cocoa Puffs
  • Golden Grahams
  • Cookie Crisp

This isn't just some crazy marketing plot that doesn't really go anywhere. General Mills is teaming up with 80's heartthrob teen, Mario Lopez, to host a live event at the Rose Bowl. This will be a spectacle of an event with throwback cartoon classic shows and probably old commercials of their cartoons from back in the day. This is a pandemic style launch and it's pretty impressive if it works. Honestly, I'll leave my show and grab the Trix, Cocoa Puffs, and Golden Grahams.

It's all about that retro recipe!


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