I'm a dad. I think both times we really hadn't exactly made a life pact but we knew it would have to be soon. Lennox is almost 6 years old and was our first with little Leo about to turn 2 years old.

My little girl Leo definitely came sooner than I was expecting. I mean it's not like we circled a day but things just happened and it's a different world. It's National Daughter's Day and having a girl has changed my life.

This could be a message to her and to other people with one on the way. There are things I'm continuing to learn that I think you hear but tune out, to be honest. Our son is so different than our little girl without a doubt. Lennox is sweet and more gentle. Leo is sweet, SASSY, and more assertive. I just thought they'd be the same, to be honest, but stop. There is no same! It's funny that you think you'll parent a certain way and your children won't do this or that. Then you have kids and realize, "Wait, what was it they're not supposed to do?"

Photo by: Kekeluv
Photo by: Kekeluv

Leo is also super sweet and wraps her arms around me with all her strength. She doesn't let go. She also doesn't listen to me MOST of the time and loves to pull the mommy card. Leo is barely 2 years old, did I mention that?

You learn though. I started doing radio in Boise 13 years ago with terrible credit and a single apartment. Today I'm married to an amazing wife, 2 unbelievable children, and still bad credit 😂

I've also learned that when my daughter asks me to stop tickling her, that means stop. These are some of the things my wife mentioned and she's correct. The same goes for our son and it's just a teaching method that no, means no. You might laugh a bit but when you think about it...that's smart. We need to react the correct way when my daughter tells me to stop or no because she'll expect someone else to do the same. I want to make sure she knows, "no means NO!" I also want our son to understand the same thing.

These are just some of the things you begin to learn and hopefully it's a new generation that changes our world for the better.

Happy Daughter's Day Leo,


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