This might be the funniest article that I've because it's the opposite of what I've been trying to do. Zippia just released a research study on what people have been googling during the pandemic.

It looks like Idahoans and pretty concerned with learning more information on deleting their Facebook. I find this interesting since I've been working on getting mine back up since March. That's a true story. I'm wondering If I should keep at it considering everyone else is getting rid of their old Facebook.

Idaho is surrounding by people wondering if they should go Vegan, hot wings, webcams, how to roll sushi, and how to stop drinking. That's what our current neighbors are more concerned with and I love that Utah is worried about Dr. Pepper shortage. That was an actual thing during the pandemic and still could be going on!

I love that Colorado is thinking of giving up drinking and Florida wants to learn how they can sleep at work.

This finding was researched from April 2020 to August 2020 as their official quarantine time. Interestingly I lived in Alaska and they wanted to find out about pizza deliveries. I noticed that Tennessee was looking about Cracker Barrel and that makes sense. I ate on Thanksgiving one year because Cracker Barrel was the only thing opened in Memphis. This reports that Tennesseans want to know about alcohol at Cracker Barrel. Why not!

It is interesting that people are trying to get rid of Facebook considering it's still one of the top social media platforms. Trust me, Mark Zuckerberg just donated $300 million dollars towards voting efforts. Facebook isn't going anywhere.

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