New show in town! Well, Carly isn't so new... but Moug is the new guy to Boise and we are so excited he is here! We hope you'll wake-up every weekday morning with Moug and Carly from 5:30-10!

So who's this Moug guy? Well first and foremost, it's pronounced like Vogue, but Moug! He's a ginger, but sorry ladies, he's taken! Moug is set to marry the love of his life, Stacy in April.

Not only is Moug the most lovable red-head you'll ever meet, but he's musically talented. He plays both the trumpet and the tuba, which is actually which won his fiancé, Stacy, over!

Moug has three Weiner dogs and a cat and he says he's on a hunt for the best taco in the Treasure Valley. Can you help him out?!

As for Carly, she's been living in Meridian for the past 4 1/2 years and after the show she plays Mama to 13-year-old Boston and 11-year-old Jocelyn. She's a divorcee but her 15-year-old Cairn Terrier, Snuggles, is very protective of her, so don't mess with Mama! Carly is involved in a long-distance relationship and is trying to navigate what it even means to be boyfriend/girlfriend when you're nearly 40! She'll take all the advice she can get!

We hope you'll wake-up with Moug and Carly every morning on MIX 106 and we promise to reward you with lots of great prizes, the best music on the planet, and lots of awkward fun!

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