So now I want to build everything. I have a home studio where I do work for some other radio stations and I have a classic old radio mixing console and it needed some TLC after it started smoking one day...

It's taken me years to put together a nice home studio but it's just about where I want it to be. One day, because there was so much dust inside this thing, it started smoking so over the weekend I gutted the whole thing to clean it and pulled the old wood paneling off of this console and sanded and re-stained it, and made a new piece to sit in front of it to put my keyboard and some other things on.

Now that I'm finished I want to totally re-do the whole project and build an entire desk for it to sit in but since we've discovered I can be a little crafty, my fiance wants me to build a book case. Not sure if it's a symptom of the quarantine but I really enjoy woodworking!

I'm sure there are people who can REALLY build who would laugh at my creations but I feel like I made it look pretty good!

board 2


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