Moug and Carly

I Guess Hoodie Weather Is Over
Don't get me wrong, I'm down for summertime, in fact, it's supposed to hit 100 degrees in Boise this weekend, which is exciting in a way, but my summer clothes seem to have shrunk since I last wore them.
I’m Basically Al Borland At This Point
So now I want to build everything. I have a home studio where I do work for some other radio stations and I have a classic old radio mixing console and it needed some TLC after it started smoking one day...
If You Have A Dream Someone Died, Do You Tell Them?
I had a dream that a close friend died last night... Thankfully, I woke up and realized I was just having a twisted dream. For some reason though, I feel like it's inappropriate to tell someone you had a dream they died.
Storms A Brewin!
How about that storm yesterday? It's crazy cause I saw it in the forecast earlier in the day and thought, "yeah, okay..." And then, BAM!

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