How about that storm yesterday? It's crazy cause I saw it in the forecast earlier in the day and thought, "yeah, okay..." And then, BAM!

It hit us like a ton of bricks... It started sprinkling and I thought, maybe I'll bring the dogs in. As soon as I did, the lightning struck, the thunder roared and the rain poured. For the next hour or so we sat there in awe watching mother nature's beauty through the window.

At one point there was some great entertainment as a neighbor came home with a ton of groceries in the back of their truck so it was enjoyable to watch them running in and out in the rain.

Pretty cool to see nature do her thing! Like the earthquake we had here in Idaho a month or so ago, we get some snow from time to time and somehow we got enough wind to blow the grass clippings off my sidewalk so my neighbors don't hate me. Thank you, Mother Nature!

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