What a win for us! Keke Luv is on our team now, weekday afternoons from 3-7 on your drive home!

Welcome, Keke! Keke is a Treasure Valley radio ICON and we're so stoked to have him on Mix 106 now. After 13 years at our sister station, 103.5 KISS FM, he's joined our crew and gets to sleep in!

I've known about and looked up to Keke for YEARS, long before I ever moved to Boise. Keke is known for his love for the Treasure Valley and his incredible community involvement, including "Live For 175", where he's spent countless hours over several years raising awareness for child abuse.

His first day is TODAY (Monday, June 16th), he'll be on from 3-7pm and he'd love it if you called and welcomed him. Our phone number is 208-375-5106.

Our weekday lineup is now:

Moug & Carly Mornings (5:30-10am)

Jen Austin while you work (10-3pm)

Keke Luv on your drive home (3-7pm)

& Pop Crush Nights With Matt Ryan (7-mid)

What a crew!


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