And it reminds me of a time I embarrassed myself by not completely looking a picture over for what may lie in a reflection.*NSFW*

So this is pretty funny... Sometimes when we post selfies, we're so focused on how we look and you look at your face and your body shape and all the fine details about yourself and sometimes you miss what may be lingering in the background. In this case, this woman's boyfriend was (for some reason) standing and wiping himself.

So a few years back, I was documenting my weight loss progress and taking photos on the scale. They say you should weigh yourself in the morning, naked for the most accurate results.

I was so excited about the number on the scale, I didn't pay attention to the reflection of my scale. I won't detail the visual too much, but I unknowingly shared the silhouette of my, um, y'know.

When I started getting comments on it is when I realized I should probably remove the picture and I'm hoping it's gone for forever, but it's the internet, so who knows?

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