Don't get me wrong, I'm down for summertime, in fact, it's supposed to hit 100 degrees in Boise this weekend, which is exciting in a way, but my summer clothes seem to have shrunk since I last wore them.

Blame it on the quarantine, blame it on the really cheap dryer sitting in my laundry room, but a LOT of my clothes don't fit that well and I've been hiding out in hoodies for months but as I was getting ready today and putting on a hoodie I looked at my phone to see what the temperature was going to be, and it's going to be NINETY SIX DEGREES in Boise today. 96!

So I had to re-think some choices here. Luckily found a shirt that wasn't too tight, I don't want to be popping any buttons today, but man I'll miss those hoodies. In the mean time, I'm excited to get out and enjoy the warm Idaho weather this weekend!

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