Literally, a woman named Karen called us to share her thoughts on this tweet that went viral where someone was chastised by their neighbor for their kid playing in their own backyard.

Here's the viral tweet:

We had a discussion about this on Mix 106 and a woman named Karen (literally, we're not making fun of Karens) called us to side with the person who wrote the note:

I truly think if there are kids playing and having fun, it's a sign that you're in a good neighborhood. I'm a person who naps during the day and I don't expect the world to slow down for me just because I'm napping, instead, I tell my google home to make rain or ocean noise to drown out any of the outside noise so I can get some midday shut eye since I wake up so early.

What do you think of this? Should people shut their kids up during the day, in their own backyard?


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