The West Valley Humane Society would like to start a conversation in our community.

In the past year there has been a rise of abandoned animals. It's been a difficult time for many people who may be dealing with hard life circumstances. Loss of housing, increased rates of homelessness and financial hardship have all been plaguing our community which in turn has actually affected the livelihood of our pets as well.

Whatever it is that you may be facing in life, where it feels like you can no longer provide adequate care for your pet, know that there are options!

Recently someone left a kennel of 4 kittens with a note at the West Valley Humane Society that read: “Please take good care of my kitties. I can no longer take care of them. I am now a senior without a place to go.” These kittens have now been spayed/neutered and are available for adoption and while according to WVHS, "This story has a happy ending, but many others do not."

From one pet owner to another, I know how hard it gets sometimes. Raising a pet comes with challenges on its own and when life comes at you fast, sometimes sacrifices are need to be made. But before you jump to anything please consult with animal welfare organizations, family members or community members to help with solutions for pets before considering abandonment.

Our pets don't have a voice or say anything that happens to them in their lives. Especially when we make a commitment to them in the beginning, it's so important that we always try and follow through.

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