Boise's very own Guiness World Record maker and breaker has done it again! This time, he's held a garden hoe on his nose for an hour and forty-one minutes! See (time lapsed) video!

This time around, David Rush had to reclaim a record he previously had broken, by breaking it again! According to Rush's website, he says "The first time I broke this record in 2017 the record stood at about 30 minutes. I went 40. It has been broken a time or two and stood at about 1 hour 30 minutes", so naturally he had to take that back with some room to spare at an hour and 41 minutes.

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I can't even look up for more than a couple minutes when I have a bloody nose from merely existing, so the fact that rush managed to do this with a (garden) hoe on his nose, is quite the feat! You'd wonder what that experience would be like and lucky for all of us, he's shared: "Besides the pain of having to look up for over an hour and a half, there are a couple of other things to deal with on this one. This is not only painful, as the nose deforms (under the pressure) the balance point of the object moves on the nose. If it gets too far to the slide it’ll slide off. Additionally, if the balance starts to go and you have to move quickly to keep the nose under the center of gravity, the risk of falling off dramatically increases." I hope his nose goes back to normal, for his sake. Nonetheless, Idaho's David Rush is once again a super champion! Congrats!

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