This feels like normal and it feels like summer and it feels like AWESOME. Get ready for Music On The Water, coming this June to Esther Simplot Park. Here's what's in store...

Totally free, outdoor, summer family fun over at Esther Simplot Park Friday, June 4th and Saturday, June 5th, 2021.

Here's the lineup for each day, according to the Facebook invite:

  • Music Line Up:
    June 4th:
    5pm- Honi Deaton & Dream
    7pm- Soul Honey
  • June 5th:
    1pm- The Mystics
    5:15pm- Soul Patch
    7pm- Ghalia Volt

Also mentioned in the invite, "Music on the Water is completely free to the public. and takes place in Esther Simplot Park, which features 55 acres that include trails, docks, wetlands, grassy open areas, a playground, bridges, and more."

Get ready for food trucks, a beer garden for the grown folks and a kids zone for the kids (obviously). This is going to be a lot of fun and it's going to feel like a bit of normal, perhaps even a bit nostalgic at this point! A free, outdoor event with music on the water on a beautiful summer night in Idaho? Uhhh, sigh me up!

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They're also making sure to take Covid-19 related safety precations: "Per The City of Boise mandate masks are required at this event. Areas will be set up around the event with masks, hand washing stations, and sanitizer."

So get ready, this June we're gonna get outside and enjoy some music and some water, together for the first time in what seems like years!

Rose Garden at Julia Davis Park

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