The year was 1993. I was 5 years old sitting in a dark theater with my dad and 3 siblings watching a cinematic masterpiece that introduced me to the world of paleontology and the sensual quirkiness of Jeff Goldblum. I've shared Jurassic Park (and its sequels) with my children who have also grown to love the film. I have winter and summer versions of Jurassic Park apparel that I wear with pride. I can't wait for next year's release of Jurassic World featuring the original cast. I'm obsessed.

Even though this isn't tied to the film franchise, Jurassic Quest is coming to Ford Idaho Center later this spring and I'm stoked to take my kids to this drive thru event. Dinosaurs are just cool. The mystery behind these extinct creatures is fascinating. What even must it have been like when they roamed the earth? Truthfully we may never know, but who can deny the awesomeness of scale animatronic renderings of these ornithic beasts? The jaw dropping part of Jurassic Park was how life like the dinosaurs appeared and while some of them were CGI, the film used several animatronic ones. And now we get to experience something similar here in our backyard.

Starting May 14th and running through the 23rd, you can drive through and watch dinosaurs come to life from the (Covid) safety of your car. It's basically a safari with dinosaurs and you don't have to worry about them rolling over your car and eating a chunk out of your tire. The basic drive-thru package is $49 per car, but of course you can upgrade to "extend your quest." I personally never find the upgrades in events like this to be all that enhancing, but that's up to you to decide. Everything you need to know and how you can purchase tickets can be found right here.

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