As a movie lover, I've been dying for movie theaters to get back to business as usual. I don't want to watch theatrical releases on my TV at home. It's awesome that tons of theatrical releases are hitting HBO Max simultaneously, but I'm not watching Mortal Kombat in my bedroom because the living room television is catering to my 4 year old. Finally last week Regal's 4DX theater reopened at the Boise Spectrum, so I'm ready to pay ridiculous prices for popcorn and snacks as I immerse myself in the beauty of film. And I'm not the only one.

As business picks up for the movie theater surrounding businesses have more patrons filing in as well, especially eateries. If you're early for the movie, might as well grab a bite to eat. Hungry for actual food after snacking on junk for two and a half hours? Head over to a restaurant for a meal. Planning a date night? Dinner, drinks, and a movie is back on the menu. It just so happens that Legends Pub & Grill is across the way from the theater so everyone is heading there for their pre and post movie food and beverage.

To accommodate, the sports pub has extended its hours but that means more staff is needed to keep things running. Hostess/expo, cook, and dishwasher positions are available and are looking to be filled ASAP. No online application, you'll have to stop into the restaurant and pick up an application at the host stand. Take that opportunity to talk to a manager and ask whatever questions you want answered about the position for which you're applying and salary.

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