Boise Ranked 30th Best Pet-Friendly City
If there's one thing that's consistent in the Treasure Valley, it's the love people have for their pets. And unlike a lot of larger cities, the variety of pets is pretty interesting here, too!
How Hot Is Too Hot For Dogs?
To walk them on the pavement, or to leave them for any length of time in the backyard. I feel like in the old days, dogs just lived outside but now my dogs are ready to come back in after about five minutes.
Backyard Before & After
Now, to be clear, I didn't do this work myself. I'm a renter and my landlord had professionals come clean up my backyard, but I promised my dog years ago they'd have a nice yard to play in, and it's finally happened!
Now is the Time to Clear the Shelters
Maybe you've seen pictures on social media of shelters that are completely empty right now. Yay! There are lots of dogs getting new homes because we're quarantined and need the company. But if you're planning to adopt in Boise, there's something you need to know about the way …
It’s National Puppy Day!
And your opportunity to show off your pup to the world! We need some extra puppy pics to brighten up these dark times, so by all means, share yours with the world! Here's the story of my pups...

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