Eleven Names For Your Dog That Are So Idaho
Finding the perfect name for your new pup can be a challenge because you want something cool that will match the dog's greatness, and at the same time, the name needs good consonants for emphasis when the dog gets in trouble. How about Rex? And give Idaho some love at the same time.
5 Adoptable Senior Pets in Boise Looking For Their Forever Homes
The sad truth is that most senior pets in shelters often get overlooked because of their age. According to the ASPCA, senior dogs, for example, have a 25% adoption rate, compared to the 60% adoption rate of younger dogs and puppies. However, these animals are just as loyal and loving as younger…
To Serve and Pawtect: Meet the Boise Police Dogs
A very special unit in the Boise Police Department consists of ten members who's job is to serve and PAWtect. From sniffing out drugs and explosives to locating the bad guys themselves, the K-9 unit is an essential part of BPD. Don't let their cuteness fool you either...

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