The day started out very slow as I went to bed entirely too late again. Monday was the beginning of our Rise Up Against Child Abuse event at Albertson's Stadium. The goal is to sell out our historical stadium for just $1 per seat. That comes out to $37,000 dollars give or take a few dollars.

This was rough on Monday with all the rain as we opened our eyes to sunshine on Tuesday. The weather was nice, warm and most of that rain was gone. There is nothing like sitting in puddles of water 5,700 times (just to put it in perspective. Today we would be visited by the President of Boise State University and FACE of Hope. Big day.

Dr. Marlene Tromp is your new Boise State University President as of the Summer of 2019. I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation and was able to find out why she gave us the keys to the stadium. Mind you, this isn't your ordinary college football field, Boise has the patented blue turf field. Nobody has that and Tromp explained,

Yes, we have the blue and if anyone other college team wants to change their colors they must ask Boise State University first.

That shows you how powerful BSU is and we went deeper about domestic violence, child abuse, and why it's the responsibility of the school to stand up for the children. I loved this conversation including her passion behind our fight, Child Abuse, and Domestic violence. We discussed her tragic phone calls as she answered them regarding domestic violence.

We have more in a full-length interviewing this coming Thursday and there is no doubt that she loves this community.

All the money raised per seat will be going to FACES of Hope located in downtown Boise. We had the entire team who stepped in to assist me in knocking out seats. These are the men and women who stand up behind doors to protect the victims. FACES is another resource you should be aware of its existence.

If you want to join us in the fight against abuse, please donate one dollar to help sell out Albertson's Stadium. We will announce our first ticket sale total on Wednesday at 4 PM.

Rise Up: Day Two Recap

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