As a true basic millennial I spend a great deal of time shopping at Target, where the deals are great except when it comes to shoes. They are overpriced for the quality and you can find very similar shoes at Wal Mart for a significantly better price, but I digress. As much as I love Target, I think it's time I graduate to a new level of adulting: having a a membership at a wholesale bulk store. Where better than Costco to start my grownup journey?

I signed up for the Gold Star Executive Membership because go big or go home. I don't know much about it yet, just that it cost $120 for the annual membership versus $60 for the lower tier membership. So now I turn to you for advice on how to start using this bulk buying power. I've got questions!

The location closest to me is the one on Chinden in Meridian. Every time I drive past it (on my way to Target, of course) it appears wildly busy. When is the best time to go shopping for a grocery haul? Not just time of day, but also what days? I'm assuming weekends are the worst, but is there a weekday that won't have me waiting in line forever?

What about filling up on gas? My husband is the one who fills the tanks of our cars. In fact, I haven't pumped gas in almost a year. Is there a day/time of day when the wait to fill up isn't crazy. Do you have a preferred pump?

Which entrance is best in terms of finding convenient parking? Or does convenient parking not apply when it comes to Costco? Which exit is best in terms of easily entering traffic? I feel an enormous amount of stress trying to get out of the Target  parking lot onto Eagle Road. It's so flippin' busy. How bad is this issue leaving Costco?

What out of store deals do you utilize with your membership that are actually worth it? I know that being a member can get you discounts at theme parks, hotels/motels, travel, etc. Which discounts have actually made a difference for you?

Which food court items are a must try? Is the hype about the pizza real?

One thing I do know about Costco is that their Kirkland Signature vodka is upper echelon and never gives me a hangover. What Kirkland Signature products are better than their big name brand counterparts?

Basically I need to know all the things to prep for my first trip! Thanks in advance.

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